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We provide services for Geotechnical, Civil and Pavement investigation and testing either it is simple or complex. Our services include, but not limited to, geotechnical investigation, site classification, earthworks and compaction control, foundation design, geotechnical instrumentation, pavement investigation,  rock coring, concrete investigation, field testing and third party report review.

Geotechnical and Pavement Investigation
• Geotechnical investigation in accordance to Australian Standard
• Site classification for commercial and residential developments in accordance to Australian Standard
• Wind classifications in accordance to Australian Standard
• Geotechnical investigation for mine site construction
• Geotechnical investigation for shallow and deep foundation
• Geotechnical investigation for water storage sump
• Pavement investigation, evaluation and design in accordance to MRWA Standard
• Rock coring and logging; Determination of Total Core Recovery (TCR) Rock Quality Designation (RQD) and analysis
• Concrete coring and analysis of concrete test data

Earthworks and Compaction Control
• Earthworks, compaction control supervision, validation and certification in accordance to Australian Standard
• Soil and material investigation and evaluation for use in road and embankment construction or as fill for construction

Foundation Design and Report Review
• Shallow footing and deep foundation design including pile designservice2
• Bearing capacity and settlement calculation
• Retaining wall and slope stability analysis
• Third party report and design review

Geotechnical Instrumentation
• Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring
• Piezometer installation and water table monitoring

Field Test
• Perth Sand Penetrometer (PSP) and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
• Cone Penetration Test (CPT) data interpretation.
• Plate Bearing Test (PBT)
• Field permeability or infiltration test
• Percolation test
• Soil resistivity and thermal resistivity or conductivity test
• Pile Integrity Test (PIT) and Pile Dynamic Test (PDA)
• Noise and vibration measurement

Concrete Test
• Non-destructive test
• Schmidt Hammer or concrete test hammer or rebound hammer test
• Half cell measurement (reinforcing bar corrosion check)
• Ultrasonic pulse velocity test
• Cover meter test


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